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Address Kindaruma Road, Kilimani Nairobi-Kenya

+254 737 250 407

The Mara International Christian School: A Divine Connection

Welcome to The Mara International Christian School, where our name holds deep significance for both the community and God’s work. “Mara,” in the Maasai language, means “Spotted Land,” symbolizing a sacred connection between God’s calling and our school’s location.

Choosing this name, we didn’t initially know its meaning, but upon learning it from the local indigenous people, we felt that God was guiding us to establish our school here. We believe this land is appointed by God to radiate His glory, much like how the Maasai people have cherished the Mara for generations.

At The Mara International Christian School (MICS), our mission transcends physical structures. We are dedicated to providing Christ-centered transformative education, nurturing young minds, igniting hearts, and changing lives. Our commitment encompasses academic excellence and spiritual growth, shaping compassionate leaders who can impact the world and promote God’s kingdom. Our goal is to bring students from all backgrounds to learn and know God, as Proverbs 1:7 reminds us, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.”

We invite you to join us on this journey as we embark on the grand project of building The Mara International Christian School on this “Spotted Land.” Together, we will educate minds to advance God’s kingdom, guided by the assurance found in Jeremiah 29:11.

Thank you for being part of this divine connection.

Mara High School

Empowering Students for Academic Excellence and Spiritual Growth

Welcome to Mara International Christian School that will be located in Kenya, where our holistic approach to education ensures students thrive academically, spiritually, and socially. Our mission is to prepare Christ-centered servant leadership who are compassionate individuals ready to serve Christ to advance the kingdom of God.

  • Academics: Our curriculum will combine rigorous STEM education with diverse extracurricular activities, and spiritual growth fostering well-rounded individuals. Our dedicated faculty, most will have a master’s degrees or years of experience, are not only experts but also committed Christians who apply education through biblical perspective.
  • Higher Education: We aim for 90% of our graduates to pursue higher education. Our American Christian-based curriculum offers a college-preparatory track, honors, Advanced Placement programs, and concurrent college credit opportunities, equipping students for success.
  • Practical Skills: We emphasize real-world skills and hands-on STEM experiences, vital for future challenges and opportunities.
  • Spiritual Growth: At Mara High School, we prioritize spiritual development and character building. Our nurturing environment helps students deepen their faith, embrace Christian values, and build meaningful relationships.
  • Community and Impact: We invite you to join us in shaping the next generation of leaders and change-makers. Education at Mara High School extends beyond textbooks and grades, focusing on nurturing hearts, expanding minds, and instilling a lifelong passion for learning.

Together, let’s unlock opportunities and guide our students on a transformative educational journey, enabling them to shine brightly in all their endeavors as they advance God’s kingdom.

Mara Junior High: Nurturing Excellence and Faith

Mara Junior High, situated in the vibrant town of Nanyuki, Kenya, stands as a beacon of academic excellence and spiritual growth. Our mission is twofold: to provide students with top-tier education while nurturing their faith and character.

**Academic Excellence:** At Mara Junior High, we place a high emphasis on rigorous academics, leadership development, and sportsmanship. Our core subjects include Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Physical Education, and Bible. To cater to diverse learning needs, we offer qualified students the opportunity to take honors Math classes, delve into Spanish I, and explore Washington State History.

**Curriculum Structure:** To ensure maximum learning effectiveness, our core academic classes (Math, Science, English, and World History) follow an 85-minute block schedule. Elective classes are available for either nine weeks or one term, allowing students to explore a variety of interests.

**Building a Strong Foundation:** Bible education is integral to our curriculum. Students embark on a comprehensive study of the Bible, covering both the Old and New Testaments. Our aim is to foster a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, providing biblical literacy, identity in Christ, and spiritual mentorship to guide students in living out their faith.

**Subject Highlights:**

– **English:** Our English curriculum fosters competency and fluency in reading, writing, and critical thinking.

– **Mathematics:** Starting from foundational arithmetic concepts, students progress to algebraic concepts and, based on skill level, can advance to Algebra 1.

– **World History:** We take students on captivating journeys through the origins of our world and the rich tapestry of global cultures.

– **Science:** Students gain an understanding of the basic structure of living things (biology) and delve into chemistry and physics.

**Physical Education:** We emphasize personal fitness and health, encouraging students to develop an active lifestyle.

**Electives:** Our wide range of elective options includes art, drama, video production, Lifetime Sports, intramurals, guided study hall, mock trial, journalism and creative writing, crafts and hobbies, and Spanish.

**Extracurricular Life:** We believe in holistic development, offering interscholastic sports, special events like Armor Blast, and all-school socials featuring games, food, and music.

Join us at Mara Junior High, where your child will receive a well-rounded education grounded in Christian values. Together, we’ll create an environment that nurtures academic excellence, personal development, and a strong foundation of faith.