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Meet Kesene Kaiser Silas, a resilient 12-year-old boy from Olooshoibor, Kenya. Kesene's journey through education has been marked by challenges and divine intervention.


I am Kesene Kaiser Silas, a 12-year-old boy and the eldest of five children in my family. My journey through education has been a remarkable one, filled with both challenges and moments of divine intervention. I live in Olooshoibor, near Ngong in Kajiado County, Kenya, with my parents, who are pastoralists. Growing up, my parents deeply regretted not being able to complete their primary education. They chose to prioritize tending to our grandfather’s many livestock over attending school due to the long distance from our home and now most of those livestock have died, leaving our family in poverty. Our family relies on livestock for our livelihood, but the harsh effects of climate change and severe drought in Kenya took a devastating toll. We lost over 20 goats and 15 cows, plunging us into abject poverty and despair. My father, determined to support our family, took on a security job in Nairobi, something he was not accustomed to. He earns less than $50 a month, most of which he sends back to Olooshoibor to provide food for us and buy school uniforms for the children attending school, including me. My hope of attending high school seemed distant, and my family was struggling to make ends meet.


Although my family members are not Christians and prefer to focus on our Maasai God, Enkai (or Nkai), with limited knowledge of Jesus, the dire circumstances we faced led us to seek divine intervention. While my father was conducting business in Nairobi, he had an encounter with someone who introduced him to ANEHOPE Ministry. He explained the hardships we were enduring, including my inability to attend school due to financial constraints. This kind individual offered to pray with my father and returned the next day with incredible news – ANEHOPE Ministry had generously offered to pay for my school fees for one year. The call from my dad left me in disbelief, but I was overjoyed. Two years have passed since that life-changing moment, and ANEHOPE continues to support my education. This incredible turn of events strengthened my faith, and in February 2023, I gave my life to Jesus. Now, I see a brighter future through education rather than relying solely on livestock. My parents also recognize the value of education and believe that it will bring economic benefits to our family and society, making me a role model for my siblings. I’ve taken it upon myself to share the good news of Jesus with my parents, speaking to them in our local language, Kimaasai. My dream is to study diligently and become a water engineer. My community suffers greatly during droughts, and I want to contribute by finding ways to harvest water for both people and livestock. Additionally, I am committed to spreading the goodness of God among my Maasai community, where many people don’t know about Christ, and share His love with them.


I wholeheartedly believe that God arranged the meeting between my father and the ANEHOPE volunteer in Nairobi at a time when we were fervently praying for miracles to make my education possible. Today, my heart is filled with gratitude and I wish an abundance of blessings upon those who have generously supported ANEHOPE Ministry to pay for our education. I have no doubt that their continued support will enable me to complete my high school studies. I want to extend my deepest appreciation to ANEHOPE Ministry for their unwavering commitment to education. I am eager to embark on this educational journey, driven to fulfill my dreams. With faith, determination, and the continued backing of ANEHOPE, I am confident that I can make a positive impact not only in my community but also beyond. Thank you for being a beacon of hope and inspiration in my life.

Kesene’s Testimony Highlights

Meet Kesene Kaiser Silas, a resilient 12-year-old boy from Olooshoibor, Kenya. Kesene’s journey through education has been marked by challenges and divine intervention. Growing up in a pastoralist family, Kesene’s parents regretted not completing their primary education but prioritized tending to livestock. Tragedy struck when severe drought claimed over 20 goats and 15 cows, pushing them into poverty. Despite his father’s meager earnings as a security guard in Nairobi, Kesene’s dream of attending high school seemed distant. However, a chance encounter with ANEHOPE Ministry brought a ray of hope. They generously offered to pay for Kesene’s school fees for a year, changing his life. His faith grew, and in February 2023, he embraced Christianity. Now, Kesene dreams of becoming a water engineer to help his drought-stricken community. He’s not only committed to his education but also to sharing the love of Christ in his Maasai community. Your support can make a lasting impact on Kesene’s life. Join ANEHOPE Ministry in promoting Faith In Action and help Kesene and others like him achieve their dreams through education. Donate today and be a source of hope and inspiration